Sunday, January 24, 2010

4 Years - Still No Justice For Sal

Four years of hoping and praying, that in that better place, you are happy and resting in peace. Four years that seem like yesterday and forever; at the same time.
Four years that have changed everyone, and everything, in our family. Our lives will never be the same again.

We love you Son, and the promise made to you Four years ago is not forgotten.

We appeared in your behalf, On October 28, 2009 before the 4th Circuit United States Court of Appeals in Richmond. We are still waiting on a decision regarding our Oral Argument, that is petitioning that court to reinstate the County, Police Chief, and Lt. Kellam, back into our civil suit.

I will update this site as I am able…as the waiting continues...and legalities dictate.

May God bless you Sal, and for all the kindness and compassion that has been shown to all of us by friends as well as strangers, may God bless them too.

Sal, Anita and Family